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*raises hand*

Just like blueirish, I didn't get anything. I didn't get a notice from my gift-giver that they had been busy, or it would be out in a few days, anything. I don't even know who my gift-giver is. I'm just curious if this happened to a lot of people. Becca said that 48 people signed up for this, and I didn't count each hand-out, but it didn't seem to me that there were even close to 48 gifts exchanged.

(Just in case some people take this the wrong way, I'm not bitching. Just curious.)

Becca, I know you've had an influx of personal problems lately, but is there a way for you to post the gifts that were sent to you early? Or even a list of who had who? Maybe those of us who treated but got tricked can do something for each other so that we at least get a little something, even if it *is* a month late.
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Halloween Smutlet for K155_me, NC17, Part 1 of 2ish...

This Halloween smutlet was written for k155_me, quite belatedly, as part of the btvs_halloween. Sorry for the lateness, but things have been hectic in my life. And it's been 4 months since I've written anything...

Halloween Ficcy: Based loosely on the events of the BtV episode Halloween. Ethan puts a spell on the costumes he rents out. Angel becomes Angelus, Spike becomes Dracula and poor Buffy's still a helpless noblewoman. Or is she? Appearances can be deceiving. Welcome to my new smutlet, Masked.

Canon? What canon? Bleh. I said loosely based. Don't expect anything and don't read if you want it to stick to canon rules *rolls eyes*. It's a smutlet, for goodness sake! All I promise is pRon! (although not in this chapter)

Rating: NC17 baby, although just PG-13 this chapter
Author: Hang Nga
Spoilers: Always. I don't really keep track, but if you haven't watched the early season eppy where the scoobies turn into their costumes, this would spoil you. Of course, so would this spoiler warning. *sigh*
Distribution: Ask first: hang_nga_79 at yahoo.ca Vampire's Kiss, Nocturnal Light, Sinister Attraction, The Gutter (Sandlot), BS Diaries, Darkness before Dawn and Lost in Spike already have blanket permission.

BETAs: These guys are the best! Thanks so much to xtie615, spikeskat, illuxi and essie07. Any mistakes left are mine.

Feedback is always wanted and much appreciated!

And so we begin...

Put on your MaskCollapse )

Halloween Gift for Sadbhyl

Happy Late Halloween sadbhyl!  Sorry it's late - was rather busy over the weekend with two gorgeous vampires at the Halloween London thing.  Whooooo!

Anyway .......... this is what you asked for....

"Gimme, Gimme!
First and foremost I still want a vid. I'm desperately looking for a vid to Kirsty McColl's "In These Shoes", starring Angel, Riley and Spike in the respective verses talking about Buffy's lovelife. You'll know it when you hear it.

Barring that (because no one does vids anymore *sigh*), I love me some Spuffy, Giles/Joyce, Giles/Ethan, Joyce/Ethan, Giles/Jenny, Weslah, basically the grownups doing grown-uppy things. I also wouldn't mind group stories of the non-shippy variety. And since I'm pagan, I would love it to be relevant to the pagan elements of the holiday"

Now, I can't do vids or graphics or anything like that......but I can write.........so here it is.  It's kinda long as I got carried away so I'm posting the 6 Chapters separately.  Hope you like it.


</em></strong>Shoutouts to Becca for organising this event and to my beta, NanaLou who polished and pruned.  Chaper 2 coming up......

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