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BTVS Trick or Treat

BTVS Trick Or Treat
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Welcome to BTVS Trick or Treat!

This is a gift exchange community acting a lot like BTVS Santa. You put down what you would like to recieve as a BTVS Halloween Treat and also what you can do, or cannot do. Someone fills your request and you fill someone else's. Everyone remains anonymous and reveals themselves on October 31st!

If you have any questions you can either email me at Dreamer17555@aol.com or stop by my live journal at beccagirl17555

Here are dates to know and live by:
September 20, 2004 All Entries must be in, no late ones will be excepted
September 27, 2004 Assignments Go Out
October 31, 2004 All Assignments are due, if you cannot fullfill your assignment or are oing to be late please Contact Me

Entry Form
Here is a quick explanation of each part.

Gimme, Gimme!
This is the stuff you want, fanfic, drabbles, icons, vids, wallpapers, the more option you can give the person the more likely you re to get at least something you want.

Handing Out...
This is the stuff that ou will be willing to do for others. Please put any specialties or favorite pairings here.

I'm Allergic...
List the stuff that you cannot\will not do for whatever reason.

Late Night Passer Outer...
Please tell my if you would be willing to fullfill an extra assignment if for some reason it is needed.

My Costume...
Email Address and Name.

Also please remember to PIMP this community.